Thursday, May 19, 2016

Selamat Hari Guru

To those who celebrate teacher's day.
Happy Belated Teacher's Day.

Every year, every 16th of May; we'll celebrate teacher's day and boy's birthday.
To boy, my brother; happy birthday. Semoga Allah panjang umur. Dimurahkan rezeki dan insya-Allah, moga dikurniakan anak.

Dear ayah,
Thou you're no longer here. Still, selamat hari guru ayah.
You're my very first teacher at home after emak.
You brought me up to what I am today. Nevertheless ayah tak pernah ajar kakak kat sekolah; but you've taught me how to live my life thru tick and thin.
Thou I am not your student (officially) unlikely adik dan boy. But somehow, you're a great teacher.
You've very patience with the stubborn kids likes me, you've drive me to the limits that I knew I can actually doing things good.

Because of you
I am struggling to be one of the best student in general paper.
I am learning my hard to ensure that you'll proud of me.
Living a life without you is something that I never imagine.
To let you go, is something that I never thought about.
Its like a dream, seeing you off.
Its like a dream, seeing you on your last breath.
But as I know.
I'll reach that time as well.

Kakak akan sentiasa ingat setiap apa yang ayah tegur.
Kakak akan sentiasa ingat setiap apa yang ayah ajar.
I missed you.
I really missed you.
Everyday in my prayers, I try my very best to pray for you.

I wish so I can whisper to your ears, saying that I love you and selamat hari guru ayah.
I've seen how dedicated you're to your student.
Those student calls you abah.
Those student who always rang you and asked you to take them for a dinner.
Those student who visits you even though they've finished their studies.
Those student who always seek for your advise at any point of time.

I missed our talks.
I missed to hug you and kiss you.
I missedt to be pampered by you.

Selamat hari guru.
Semoga semua ilmu yang ayah ajarkan memberikan ayah ganjaran kat sana.
I love you ayah.

p/s : now I know, why I am good in all those melancholy writings. I have such a soft hearted and sensitive feelings.

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